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Multipurpose liquid cooling battery container system.


Liquid Cooling Battery Container

Shipped in a 20-foot container, the Noahd (Liquid Cooling Battery Container System) is a multipurpose industrial battery system. A modular battery cluster, with a fire suppression system, a water-cooling unit, and local monitoring are prefabricated features of the standard unit.

For energy storage applications like frequency regulation and peak shifting, LBCS offers a ready-to-connect solution. A typical rack-based battery module (battery pack) and an extensive multi-level battery management system (BMS) make up the Noahd battery cluster modular unit.

When it comes to new or existing solar power, wind power, thermal power, and other energy sources, the LBCS team is prepared to provide you with expert integration support.

  • Features- Higher energy density, 20 ft container with energy over 4MWh.
    - Local / remote monitoring and maintenance support through mobile phones (APP).
    - Extraordinary safety, five level safety design, dual fire protection, with combustible gas emission and explosion venting design.
    - Innovative liquid cooling technology, with battery life extended more than 20%.
    - The total weight of standard 20 ft container is no more than 35,000 kg to ensure smooth shipping.
    - Support plug-and-play combination of two containers, flexibly suitable for the application of large energy storage power stations.

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