The World’s number one lithium-ion battery producer and innovator are DURATRON. We have enough knowledge on technology issues, development prowess, packaging, and production of quality lithium-ion rechargeable batteries. We offer exemplary services and products that have attracted a huge following due to the quality and durability of products and services.

Mission & Vision

Innovation for powering one’s life

Core Values
Improve, Empower, Struggle and Modernize.

Striving an innovative technology powerhouse company that delivers all customers’ expectations in the green energy determination for humanity, and enriching both Our employees’ spiritual and material well-being is a priority.


Quotations from DURATRON Strivers

Always attempting

Excel by continuing to study and strive for innovation, while maintaining a strong desire to thrive and survive while also contributing to families and society.

Imagination Anchored in Fundamentals

It’s all finding out what works and what doesn’t when it comes to sound fundamentals. Basic skills, expert knowledge, and a systematic approach must all be mastered before obtaining perfection. To fully excel, though, one must have the foresight and enthusiasm to innovate and foresee what is to come.

Technology Application

It has high energy density, high power, fast charging, and cells of any shape are all part of the DURATRON Li-ion battery product family. We’ve developed a variety of the use of lithium-ion battery cells a wide range of consumer electronics gadgets to keep up with, if not outpace, market demand.

Colleagues Are Family

Resolve to care for people. Respect your colleagues like family

Brand Story

The DURATRONers’ rapid market-based adaptation dynamics and an unwavering pursuit of excellence and quality have been characteristics of delivering unique values for our clients since the company’s inception. More importantly, DURATRON’s progressiveness, practicality, extraordinary vigor, and pragmatic minds have propelled the company to the forefront of production and global sales of pouch LIB technology. “Start with DURATRON right now” reflects this spirit. Let us begin now, together with DURATRON, to build a brighter future.

Standard Certifications

To meet the needs of our customers, we may conduct battery product certifications in many marketplaces across the world.