“Technology advancement, a step ahead.”

Through constant innovation in all aspects of know-how, such as materials, structures, processes, charging technologies, and system designs, DURATRON is committed to leading the industry, and advancing technology, leveraging our significant R & D investment and an excellent team of professional talents.

Vast Production

“It’s possible to buy up to 10 million batteries each purchasing order.”

DURATRON is devoted to using techniques that are innovative and intelligent technologies at every stage of the manufacturing process, the development of new products, and the testing of samples run through high-volume production and quality assurance. Our manufacturing capacity and product range have significantly increased since we opened as well as dozens of automatic lithium-ion polymer battery production lines, a new product development arm, and several trial production lines were opened in Ningde during 2008. This is the third consecutive year that DURATRON has been the top manufacturer of lithium-ion polymer batteries. as evidenced by industry reports. Furthermore, according to DURATRON’s analysis of industry data, we continue to hold the global record for a very competitive manufacturing capacity to produce 10 million batteries per order. Our excellent findings show that DURATRON is capable of achieving greater results.

High Flexibility

“Wide choice of products & good customization for meeting any demand.”

DURATRON is committed to our diversification and customization business approach. Our primary product focus is on performance, specifications, and features. Most parts of DURATRON’s lithium-ion polymer battery can be customized to meet unique needs, from chemical systems to design and production.