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DRT250 | 480 V | 60HZ

Versatile containerized energy storage system.

DRT250 | 480 V | 60HZ

The 10 ft container for Energy Storage System

The 10 ft container for Energy Storage System is designed to meet the requirements for off and on grid applications. Power Conversion System that combines inverter and charger.

It can transform the energy supply from batteries (DC) to the loads (AC) with or without additional sources as diesel generators or grid. Future-proof your infrastructure, gain energy independence, meet ESG targets fast, lower your pick demand, save energy cost.

  • Features- High product integration & short project construction period
    - Enable rapid system self-recovery with the back to start function.
    - Realize the self-recovery of the system quickly with black start function
    - With up to 8,000 battery cycles and 20-year life Support remote/local monitoring and - operation and maintenance with cloud platform management system
    - Battery capacity utilization increased by 7%, LCOS decreased by 20% with intelligent battery management system
    - Extreme safety, five-level safety design, double fire protection, with combustible gas dis charge and explosion venting

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