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Integrated backup energy system for homes.


Supplies backup energy to your house
Your solar energy is stored in an integrated battery system called Durawall, which provides backup power in case the grid fails. In order to keep your appliances operating for days, your system automatically detects outages, supplies backup energy to your house, and recharges itself with sunlight.
  • Flexible application- Optimized for wall-mounted installation
  • Easy to install- Plug and play
    - Compact and light
    - 2 persons installation
  • Excellent performance- 100% DOD
    - Operate at 10°C without any limitation
  • Battery APP (Optional)- Real time monitoring
    - Remote maintenance and upgrades

Its primary applications include emergency power backup, peak shaving and valley filling, power optimization in residential and commercial buildings, and self-generation in homes.

Expanding the Dtrix series from 5kWh to 40kWh gives homeowners more flexibility in designing their own energy storage system.

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