Research Institute

Duratron Research Institute is a comprehensive laboratory which integrates material development, testing, validation and other functions. The strength and number of patents of the research & development team are leading in the industry at home and abroad.

Advanced Materials

Material development, testing, validation, and other functions are integrated within the DURATRON Research Institute (DRI). About 20 autonomous laboratories are governed by this law. Both in terms of patent strength and the total number of patents, the R&D team leads the industry domestically and internationally.


DURATRON is tasked with developing advanced lithium-ion battery analysis methods, including rapid evaluation of materials and prototype cell design methodology, a systematic method for understanding cell failure mechanisms, improving battery performance and long-term life prediction, and assessing battery abuse. Additionally, the Central Laboratory is tasked with improving the safety and quality of the products. For enhancing product safety and quality, the Central Laboratory has a role to play.

Integration Design

This has always been the idea of DURATRON: designing and optimizing cell designs with a focus on quality and safety as the priority. By using an all-encompassing approach to product design, Duratron can provide its customers with optimal and holistic solutions that take into account factors such as product performance and material selection. The company also considers factors such as cycle life and energy density.

Interactive Manufacturing

This is following MIIT’s policy of integrating IT and advanced manufacturing. As a result of our clever traceability system, we can keep track of all our items at all times. Smart manufacturing at DURATRON combines sophisticated flexibility and a high degree of specialized automation to ensure outstanding quality control while meeting our customers’ volume requirements on time.