High Power

DURATRON invented the lithium-ion cell with high power, which is widely utilized in consumer devices today. DURATRON cells enable manufacturers to create terminals that are lighter, more powerful, and highly durable because of features including their great power density, precise cell temperature control, super high power discharge, and longer cycles.


We’ve known for a long time that fast charging has become a must-have feature in smart device development. Fast charge technology was first used in MP3 players in 2003. We were one of the first companies to introduce fast-charging batteries to smartphones in 2013. We now manufacture the majority of the quick charge cells that power many of the consumer electronic products you use daily.

DURATRON recently developed the 5C super-quick charge cell, based on its 13-year experience in the production of rapid charge cells. This breakthrough device can charge up to 80% in just 10 minutes, boosts charging speed by a ratio of 7x when compared to ordinary cells, and 3.3x when compared to current 1.5C fast charge cells. Furthermore, the DURATRON 5C super-fast charge cells are safe and dependable, with an 800-cycle life lifetime.

The cell of Undetermined Shape

The cell of Undetermined Shape

It will only get smarter as time goes on. AR/VR and wearable technologies are making a major leap in the market, replacing traditional ones, thanks to mankind’s numerous inconceivable technological exploits. DURATRON’s Arbitrary Shaped Cell (ASC) batteries have become the most sought-after batteries in the smart and virtual world as smart new gadgets such as watches and headsets take on increasingly irregular designs. Tech designers no longer have to worry about holes, depressions, steps, slots, and chamfers when building their next revolutionary toy thanks to ASC’s form flexibility, customizability in design, and precision in production. We can make anything you can imagine!