Smartphones have become an indisputable part of our daily routines. However, concerns with battery consumption, which are tied to a battery’s energy density and service life, have hampered the smooth operation of smartphones.

Lithium-ion energy density is an important performance metric since it impacts both the standby period and the service time of a device.

Speedy Reaction

“Excellent service and prompt response allow for sample delivery in three weeks.”

We are known for our quick response time to our customers’ urgent and changing requirements. As soon as a project is started, our sales managers will assess the customer’s business needs; decide on terms and prices, order quantity, and production schedule. This is followed by technical requirements, designing solutions, and organizing our internal resources so that we can produce custom samples for our customers in the shortest possible timeframe. Typical sample delivery times are three weeks. With butler-like project management staffs that provide efficient service and friendly customer care, we follow a strict product development and production management process from order confirmation to design to sample production to tests and verifications to mass production. It’s a once-in-a-lifetime chance.

(*The “normal conditions” scenario, in which no special material or tooling development is required, and the minimum order quantity fulfills DURATRON’s requirement.) Further evaluation of delivery time is required for customized product requests.)